Zombie Mom…First Month Must Haves

I’m a new mom, a first time mom….a novice at this whole mommahood thing you ladies like to refer to. I’ll be the first to admit that I walked into this whole thing completely blind and didn’t know really know what the ‘best’ was for my baby. You hear from this mom that ‘this is the best‘ and then another mom completely contradicts that and says ‘no…this is the best.‘ It’s a whole trial and error thing but I didn’t want to start my first days and weeks possibly effing up my child.

Take the rest of this post with a grain of salt, but these were the few things that helped me ease my way into motherhood in the first month.

1. Swaddle Me Blankets – These were touch and go for awhile but we have finally got to a place where they work for us. I am absolutely horrible when it comes to making a swaddle with a regular receiving blanket so these have been a God send when it comes to those late night feedings when I have to wrap her back up to go to bed. Velcro baby burritos, sign me up.
2. Avent Pacifiers – These are the pacifiers that they initially give you in the hospital and even though I didn’t plan on giving her a paci so soon, these have worked and are Amaya’s favorite. I am breastfeeding right now and worried about nipple confusion but so far, so good in that department as well. They take over her whole face but baby likes what baby likes.
3. Dr. Brown Newborn Natural Flow Bottles – As I mentioned above, I am for the most part exclusively breastfeeding but decided around 3 weeks that I wanted to start to introduce bottles. There are lots of talk on forums and research saying when you should introduce bottles and for the most part they don’t recommend it within the first month, until you establish a good breastfeeding routine. But we decided that since I will have to go back to work within the next few weeks that we should try it out. I went out for 3 hours one day and while I was gone, Bryan introduced the bottle and I’m happy to say it was a success. Again, I was scared of nipple confusion and of how she would handle the flow of the bottle but she has been rocking the bottle anytime I have had to run out since.
4. Fisher Price Rock N’ Play Sleeper – The first night we were home from the hospital was kind of a nightmare for Bryan and I, I hate to say. Being first time parents, we were frazzled and a mess when it came to putting her to bed that first night. We tried the bassinet, FAIL….Rock n’ play sleeper, FAIL…Carseat, FAIL….and finally our arms….WIN! That set up only worked the first two weeks because after awhile we both realized that we were setting ourselves up for bigger problems down the road if we continued to let her sleep in our arms throughout the night. So we tried the bassinet again and besides a few naps during the afternoon, homegirl hated it with a passion at night. We moved onto the rock n’ play sleeper and with a few bumps in the road, we finally found a winner that has worked for afternoon naps and for nighttime sleeping. She has been comfy cozy in there and has been sleeping 3-4 hours at night which is a blessing for this mama.
5. Chicco Boppy Pillow – This is such a great product to have. It’s multipurpose and works for our little girl. We use it to prop her up while I breastfeed and also for her to lounge on as we chill on the couch. Little lady is a fan and I’m also glad that this is something I will get use of over the next year as she starts to balance herself and will move with us into the following months.
So there you have it.
The A team of what’s working for our little lady in our little home.
I know there are alot of new moms and mommas in general out there and I’m curious to know what worked for you. I’m always open for new options, so throw ’em at me.

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