Tubby Time

Have I become a mommy blog?!
Tell me the truth, I can take it.

Well I guess¬†technically¬†I would have to blog regularly to be considered any type of blogger, but I feel lately all I do is post about my daughter and I’m okay with that. To be honest, before I was pregnant and a mom, it irked me when a blog would take the dive into mommy-dom and all other blog fodder got thrown to the wind. What happened, I’d question…what soon as you pop a human out of your hoo-ha all you have to talk about is diapers and Dora?!?

And then it happened to me…a little bitty human made their way into my world and she has now become my world. I get it now. I get that the little smiles are the best parts of my days and I find myself obsessing over how I can increase my milk supply so I can have enough to send to daycare with her. My mind has now shifted from shots on a Saturday night to schedules and nap times on a Saturday afternoon. Instead of heading home from the bar at two in the morning, I’m now up at that time nursing Amaya and having Twitter conversations with other mamas about which swaddle is best for our beastly babies.

My mindset has shifted and gone are the selfish thoughts of what I want to do or what I want to buy or what I need to do. Now, it is all about her and my decisions and my blog are going to reflect that. This blog has always been a reflection of me and the little life I created and I’m excited to share the bits and pieces of Amaya’s little life too.

And with that I want to share her first tubby.
I never thought I would be so excited about washing somebody else’s butt, but here I am.

She wasn’t a fan at first but she eventually came around and I’m happy to report she has been a fan ever since…

Mommy tested….Amaya approved!!!

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