Summertime Sadness…Err Gladness

Though the weather is still a tad bit on the cool side for what I would consider summer, I’m still going to soak up the rays and declare that our summer has started at the Little Home. Memorial Day Weekend was beautiful (and another post for another day) and really hit the nail on the head for how I wanted to start our summer off. Bryan and I still work until July when we have our actual vacation but we’ve been enjoying some cold drinks on our patio and have been taking in every last bit of sunshine that stays in the skies these days.

I love this time of year, ya know, until it gets super freaking hot and I start bitching about it being too hot. What can I say? I’m a woman and I’m never pleased. ; ) But sure enough, our signs of summer have been¬†pleasantly popping up.

This is my nephew Gavin, and he has been rocking at minor league this year. It’s so much fun watching him out there hitting and trying to catch rather than last year when he was spinning in circles and playing in the dirt on t-ball. He’s growing up so fast and as his auntie I can’t be anymore prouder of the young little man he’s turning into.
Last weekend after Gav’s games we also decided to hit up Knoebel’s for the first time this season and welcome Amaya into the wonderful world of our favorite local amusement park.
Amaya even got to enjoy her first amusement ride in the form of a small ride along train. She sat with Daddy and was a little frightened by the tunnel but other than that was pretty indifferent to the whole thing. Hopefully she’ll grow to love amusement parks as much as her mama.
I’m so happy to kick start summer and to finally be back into a world without below freezing temperatures and snow. Hey summer, feel free to stick around for a little….or atleast until I long for the sweet cool days of fall.

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