Merica Baby

Can I tell you the truth and tell you that the whole ‘Merica thing kinda irks me? Bryan has shirts that say it and I catch myself letting it slip from time to time but whenever I hear someone using it like it’s an actual proper word, I want to stab myself in the eardrum with a pencil. One would think you’d only use that slang in a joking manner but you’d be surprised when you live in the sticks and people actually do talk like that.

Enough about my rant though, my original intention for this post was to share how are Fourth of July festivities went. I’m feeling pretty accomplished with getting a few posts up this week so I want to keep the ball going and today is a throwback to our last passing holiday. We had a pretty low key Fourth this year and while B had a boys night, Amaya and I went with my sister and nephews to see fireworks. I wish B got more into the holiday spirit but his motto is pretty much that once you saw them once, you saw them all. He doesn’t get the rush of the holidays like me and my sister so to each their own. In true Amaya fashion this year, baby girl fell asleep during the fireworks again so it’s not like he even missed her reaction. I am in no rush for the months or years to fly by but I look forward to next year in hopes that she’ll stay up and enjoy them then and we can do sparklers and poppers. I know she’ll still be an itty bitty and will only be a year and half but I honestly can’t wait to be the mom to fix festive holiday breakfasts and to start traditions that she’ll remember years down the road.

She’s my little love muffin now and while she can barely protest, I will dress her up and have mini holiday photo shoots before she begins to whine….’No more pictures Mom….not again’ and that is exactly what I did. I scored the tutu and headband at a yard sale a month ago and it has been the best $5 I’ve spent in a long time…

My little patriotic princess.
If that doesn’t scream America, the beautiful….I don’t know what will ; )

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