Magical Amaya

It looks like I’m starting a little blogging trend for myself. If holiday is upon us expect this little lady to creep up your way. After this, sayonara suckas…see ya at Thanksgiving.
Okay, just kidding but that really is how things have been panning out lately. I’ve been quite content living life and enjoying Amaya but the fall season has graced us (and is going a little too fast for our liking) and we’ve been out and about doing all the fun things we can find. I love looking back at old blog posts and I really want to make a concentrated effort to document these fun times with the Amaya and all her ‘first’ adventures, even if they are somewhat sporadic.
In capturing her firsts, let’s take a look at little misses first Halloween…

Before we headed out to our trick or treat festivities at night, we stopped by Nannies to hang out for a bit before going to collect ourselves some candy. Not wanting to miss an opportunity to take some pictures of my little miss, we had an impromptu photo shoot on my moms porch while Amaya was decked out in her ‘boo-tiful’ onesie and tutu.

Before I even had a kid, I dreamed about the days and holidays we would get to do fun things together. Halloween was always one that came to my mind, since you got to dress up and go to trick or treating and to parties and such. So when it came time to choose a costume for Amaya, I wanted it to be something fun and special. I knew that there were tons of ladybugs, bumblebees, flowers, and of course Elsa’s but we (more so, I ) wanted something different. So to the internets I went, and after a few clicks and questions to Bry, we found and decided on this majestical costume for Amaya.


Gahhhhh….I freaking love it so much. She was one of the only baby unicorns we saw on our travels and she rocked it in our costume. We were a little worried she may try to pull her hat off but she chilled for pretty much the entire time. In fact, she was asleep for the earlier part of trick or treating…
We had fun trick or treating with our cousins and now we can’t wait to show her how to grossly overindulge ourselves at Thanksgiving. Baby girl has a greedy little appetite like her Daddy, so there should be no problems there.

Till next year Halloween!!!

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