I’m Packing My Shit & Becoming A Carnie!

Ha. Yeah right.
Not going to lie, but those people kind of give me the heebies jeebies. I don’t know why but I’m going to blame it on Jake Gyllenhaal add that damn Bubble Boy movie of his. I’m not entirely freaked out by fairs and for that reason I make my way up to ours every year to take in the sights, sounds, and smells.

Sure, I could do without some of the cow poop, grease, and redneckified styled outfits, but if you take all that out, is it really still the fair?!? We procrastinated all this week and finally made it up on their last day, this Saturday. Though I absolutely love fairs, it was extremely crowded Saturday and was a little too much for this preggo to handle.

I couldn’t ride any rides, so that was a bust.
And walking through the animal stables and taking in their stench….gag.
So what was I to do?

What any good blogger would do…..walk around and take pictures, duh.

And it’s not a day at the fair unless you indulge in some greasy, cheesy goodness.
Goodbye waistline, I officially bid you farewell.

This mofo doesn’t have to worry about his waistline since he has the fastest metabolism I know. He demolished that bucket of fries without batting a pretty little eyelash of his. He’s lucky I love him and find that face sweeter than cotton candy, otherwise I’d hate him.

See you next year fair, you’ll have another patron by then.

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