I Fail As A Pinterest Mom

I tried to be a Pinterest mom….and I FAILED!
I failed hard guys.
Way before I was ever pregnant I dreamed of the days where a holiday would roll around and I would create this adorable holiday themed craft from my child to give to their daddy. It would be equal parts adorable and crafty and Bryan would give me a gold star for being such an awesome fucking mom. It would magical, I tell ya.
Reality sets in though when you’re elbow deep in red and pink washable paint trying to smush your sweet 6 week daughters balled up fist and wiggly toes into the paint and make it onto the canvas with some sort of resemblance of the above anatomy.
“I’m not so sure of this Mom…”
Look at the face. Poor thing didn’t know what washable paint based torture she was about to endure.
I wanted to recreate one of those Pinterest Valentine’s Day craft where you take the babies feet, dip them in paint, and make their feet look like a ‘heart’. It was supposed to be cutesy and I was going to add…Daddy has my heart (insert feet) and it would be theeee best but obviously that didn’t happen. She was a champion though and through some tears we were able to create a little something something.
We’ll call it abstract art, yes?!?

We tried and even though it didn’t come out originally as planned, I’m happy with my girls first attempt at artwork. For the first more paint filled one, we tried the whole heart feet thing and failed so we just tapped and rubbed her feet on the canvas. Later on that day, my mom helped me get the actual footprints for both canvases. They’re not ‘pinterest worthy’ but her daddy was thrilled with his gift and mama knows her limit when it comes to crafts from the internet.

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