Giving Thanks

Today is the day where we’re all stuffing our selves to the max and enjoying time with our friends and family over good food, good times, and good company. No matter how or who you’re celebrating with, I hope your day is filled with happiness and thankfulness in your heart. Whatever you may be going through in your season of life, look for the positive today and everyday and remember how lucky you are to have the blessings you have.

I know it’s been populated over Facebook and the blogs over the last couple of weeks, but I wanted to take some time out to share the things I am thankful for at this period in my life.

An Imperfect Marriage.
Seems like something weird to be thankful for but hear me out. Bry and I have a far from perfect marriage but I’m thankful that we have the marriage we do. We have gone through our peaks and our valleys and though the hard times have been some of the roughest times of our lives, it makes me proud that we¬†persevered¬†and worked our way through them. It’s what makes our relationship and our bond stronger and I look forward to growing together as a couple with the man I call mine.

Our Little Love
On our way home from our childbirth class last week, I looked over at Bryan while he was driving and told him, I couldn’t believe how far we’ve come from the beginning of the year till now. In February, we were mourning the loss of our first baby through a miscarriage and in a deep dark place and now here with the holiday season upon us, I sit here with a big ol’ almost 32 week pregnant belly just weeks away from seeing our little babes face. I couldn’t be anymore thankful for how this year has turned around for us.

Furbaby, FTW
My Mia Martian, my furbaby. I know that our relationship is going to change once the baby comes but I love having this cuddle time with her now. She’s been my couch buddy when daddy is at work and I totally soak up the extra love. Hopefully she’ll adjust well when the baby comes, but really, with her demeanor, I think she will be just fine. Love you M.

We Are Family
I can go through the laundry list of who’s and why’s of why I’m thankful but I just have to say that I have an amazing family across the board. We each have our own relationship with each other and I value each one of them dearly.

I know this has been a yo-yo year with myself and the blog community but I want to thank those who have stuck by me and still sent an email or text checking up on me. I love the core group of girls I’ve connected with and I’m thankful to call you girls, my friends. Big kisses to my favorite bishes.


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