Due Date

This is the day… that I have been looking forward to since May when Bryan and I found our we were pregnant.
This is the day…. that I’ve shared with every Tom and Sally when they asked when I was I due.
This is the day… that I foolishly thought would hold significance to our little babe and would hopefully be the day of the birth of our first child.
And now this day has arrived and here we sit with our 3 week old daughter and realize that this day is just ‘another day’ for us.
It’s crazy how the world works and what surprises God and babies throw your way. I’ve always been a person who has thrived off of routines, schedules, set dates, etc. and since little miss Amaya has made our way into our lives, all of that has gone by the wayside. She runs shit, and my cares, wants, and needs come second to hers now. And to be honest…..I wouldn’t want it any other way now.

Even though she has only been here for 3 weeks, it feels like she’s been here forever. Bryan and I look at her  today in amazement, that this little bean could change our lives so quick and with such force. It’s true what they say of not knowing ‘a certain love’ until you know the love of your child and I can vouch for that. I snuggle her soft, warm body up to mine and just breathe in the sweetness of her freshly lotioned skin and soak up these tiny moments with this little girl that I call mine.

She’s mine (well technically ours if you ask Bry…) and that blows my mind.
We created her. We created and brought to life this tiny human being that looks to us for all her needs, wants, and anything under the sun she needs. We will care for her and teach her the life lessons we’ve come to learn. We will struggle and make mistakes and I can only hope she can forgive us for the embarrassment that we we will undeniably cause her throughout her life.

I’m sure as time goes on, that this day will slowly fade to a distant memory of a date, but right now I hold it close to my heart as the date that our baby girl could have come if she wasn’t so excited to see her mama and daddy.

She’s already surprising us and doing things on her own time and I can only imagine this is a sign to the little spitfire she will continue to be.

On another note, hello friends!!!
I know its been a hot minute since I posted and though I can’t make any promises to how much I will post with a newborn…I definitely want to pump out a couple posts and update you on all the changes going on in the Little Home. Fingers crossed that Amaya will cooperate, because I really miss this little space of mine.
I’m working on the birth story now so hopefully that will be posted soon!

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