Day Date

On any given weeknight, you can usually find me and Bryan posted up on the couch being a bunch of bums. The winter kinda sucks and this is the time of year that we sort of hibernate and you know what, I kinda like it. I have no interest in being blown away in below teen temps and me and snow…ehh. Unless I’m photographing it or sledding in it, I’m not that big of a fan of being out in it.
But this weekend the temps seemed to rise and besides the gusts of wind, we decided to venture out and pretend to get our Spring on.
I have to admit, Day Dates are my favorite.
Why you ask?!?
Because they last freakin’ longer, my dude.
Start the date in the early afternoon, run that shizz into the night. Now that sadly wasn’t the case since I ended up at the ER with my nephew (poor babes) but me and Bry had a great time in the afternoon regardless.
We headed to the movies to see A Haunted House and that shit was hilarious.
Besides a couple ehhh moments, we laughed our asses off the entire time.
And then my favorite part….
Day Drinking
Hello Bahama Mama.
Now, I don’t get to do this often at all, but whenever I get the opportunity, I jump at. Granted it was only at Applebee’s, but hell I’ll take what I can get.
Cheers to Day Dates!!!
What are your favorite dates?!?

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