Daddy’s Girl

I like to think that I’m my daughters favorite, considering I gave her life and you know, give her nutrition on a daily basis but sadly that is not true. It seems as though my daughter has chosen her favorite and she is pretty damn smitten with her Daddy. I don’t blame her, I’m pretty fond of him too….but c’mon kid…throw your ol’ mama a bone.

This may be late in recapping but since I had a couple weeks off from work, I wanted to get a couple posts up to get these moments captured and remembered here on the old dusty blog of mine.

Since Bryan spoiled me rotten on my first Mother’s Day with a french toast breakfast, a pedi, and a mommy’s day out…I wanted to make his day just as special. I’m not a crafty mama by any means but I made him a man bouquet (you can check it out on my IG: @lwlh) and decided I wanted to make a little picture keepsake to show B how much Amaya loves her Daddy.

I bought these cute glittery foam letters at Wally World and grabbed Amaya and her polka dot chair and headed out on our patio to catch a couple of pictures. These were just a few of the dozens that I took but I just love her little expressions in each of them. She is so much more expressive these days and I just eat her up.

She’s pretty cool with me having my camera in her face all the time but a little one can only take so much and this mama even caught a few of these gems.

She was O-V-E-R it.
That little side lipped cry face is how she got nicknamed Rocky. If you ever seen the Rocky movies where he’s yelling ‘Adrienne!!’, you’ll understand. Crying face and all she’s still a cutie and after Bryan saw these, homegirl has her Daddy wrapped her tiny finger even tighter now.


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