Amaya’s First Easter

Better late than never but I want to share a couple pictures of Amaya’s First Easter. We spent most of the day with my sister Tara but we set some time aside to have a little mini photo shoot with our girl. I want to remember these little moments and special ‘first’ times each holiday, and c’mon….this mama wants an arsenal of embarrassing pictures to choose from for my sweet girls high school yearbook.

Before the pictures of my Amaya bear, here is her first Easter dress that I was absolutely in love with…she looked like such a little angel, I just wanted to bottle up all the cuteness.

We didn’t attend any church services or anything but I wanted to have a special Easter dress for her and this bad boy fit the bill. I loved everything about it and I might be a little sad that she’s already grown out of it. Slow down, kid!

Now on to my baby Easter bunny and her tiny hiney cottontail.

Okay, just fall over dead now from the adorable-ness that is a topless baby in bunny ears.
And I just might have bought some props at Party City this weekend for a few Memorial Day themed photos. I can’t stop myself now, I’m a crazy mamarazzi.

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