You’ve made it to my About Me page in hopes of learning a little more about myself and this little space of the interwebs, I call my own. Well atleast I hope. And if not, well this just became super awkward and well shit, I just feel like an ass now.

But if that is the reason your here well then sit back and let me show you around.

I started LWLH about 4 years ago in 2008 with a simple intent of at first being an organization blog (which I failed at since I suck at organizing apparently) but what transformed into lifestyle blog to document myself and the hubster’s life together. In the beginning I thought it wouldn’t be something that I’d stick with but all these years later and now I couldn’t imagine my life without this blog.

It has not only let me capture our important life moments, but has also let me connect with some of the most amazing women, I’ve never met.

If you take anything from Little Woman, Little Home, I hope that it is to live life ridiculously and make the most out of everything life hands us whether good or bad. And hopefully we can commiserate over the hot messes we’re making together. Misery loves company, amirite?!?

There it is….our names, out there…for the whole interwebs to know and who hopefully who won’t stalk or kill us. Pretty please?!? If you’re new around here than I guess I should explain that for awhile we actually went by nicknames around here by the ways of Little Woman (myself) and Big Man (him). Back when the ol’ blogs were something of new thing, I thought it was best to keep our identities somewhat concealed but now that I’ve been at this for awhile, I threw caution to the wind and here we are. Though I must admit, I might slip up and call him Big Man from time to time. Old habits die hard.
He’s my heart and we sealed that deal on August 27th in our beautiful wedding and even more amazing mini moon and honeymoon. It’s not always rainbows and sunshine but we try our best and that is all I can hope for. One step at a time, working hard to be a better person and wife.
I get to be a furmama to this cute face.
For 3 years she’s brought nothing but joy and barks to our life and I wouldn’t want it any other way. I love her old soul eyes and spunky little self when she hears the mere mention of a T-R-E-A-T. ¬†She really is the little light of our Little Home.
Hopefully you’ll learn to love me and stick around.

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