A Very Minted Holiday

I’m stuffed, tired, and burnt out from the early morning Black Friday madness, but the season is upon us and now that I have Thanksgiving behind me, I can focus on all things Christmas. There is nothing holding me back and the first thing on my tinsel to do list is get my Christmas cards designed, ordered, and sent out.

I’ve sent out Christmas cards over the last couple years, but sadly missed out last year and I regret not having that card to look back on. It’s one tradition that I want to keep alive for myself and my family. Sometimes sending and receiving cards has become somewhat of a lost art but I know I can always count on my handful of friends and countless bloggers to send out the prettiest of holiday paper with holiday wishes and smiling faces across them.

And do you know where they are getting these lovelies that you see?!?
Uh, Minted….silly.

It’s no secret and especially in the blogosphere, that Minted is the spot to get your holiday cards of all different shapes, designs, sizes, and affordable prices. They even have the much hyped foil pressed cards this year, which I am a huge fan of…

How can you go resist the cuteness of those cards?!?
I know I can’t and if I’m being completely honest, I can’t wait to splash my pregnant belly all over those cards and have one of those cute milestone cards. Seriously, I’m squealing with excitement over here. Luckily for me too, is that the site is practically fool proof to use and even the dullest crayon in the box can create a beautiful card to share with family and friends.

Oh and please believe I’ll be using this feature this year…

Between thank you cards from the baby shower and now Christmas cards I’m going to need all the help I can get and Minted is there to save atleast part of my day.

So if you’re like me and just getting your Christmas card game together, hop on over to Minted and make some magic happen!

You’ll thank me later.

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