5 Reasons Why I’ll Never Be A Fashion Blogger

It’s a big blog world out there. Wherever you turn there is a blog to fit any niche or trend you want.
There’s newlywed bloggers. Mommy bloggers. Photography bloggers, Healthy Living bloggers. Lifestyle bloggers. Fashion bloggers. The list goes on.

I like to think of myself as a lifestyle blogger.
Little Woman, Little Home mostly chronicles our lives together, our adventures, our relationship, our home, our pup and other little tidbits of randomness and opinions. I think I have the life part covered….but the style….not so much. My life isn’t that fabulous and neither is my style.

My wardrobe is pretty much non existent and is in need of major overhaul so when I was contacted my EShakti to review a piece from their customizable collection, I jumped on it.

There is just one five reasons, why I am not and will never be a fashion blogger.

1. I Don’t Own A Tripod
While other more fashionable bloggers are setting up tripods across the lands taking beautiful pictures in fields and next to awesomely graffiti-ed buildings, here I am standing on my dining room chair in my living room trying to snap half assed selfies. Which brings me to my next point…

2. I Don’t Own A Full Length Mirror
Yeah, those aforementioned selfies, kind of hard when you don’t own a full length mirror. I awkwardly stood on that chair trying to snap pics that cut me off mid thigh, knee, or head. Hence, why you have the headless Little Woman up there.

3. Ok, I Also Hate To Doll Myself Up Unless I’m Going Out
I am not the girly girl and unless I’m going out or trying to get sexy with B, I don’t usually lather on the makeup or tame the beast of curls springing from this pretty little head of mine. It just seems like too much work. Sure, I have my days where I do like to get dolled up for nothing….but to go out of my way, just for a blog post….no thanks.
Note: the wrinkled dress…my apologies…it’s looks a million times better with an iron ran over it. 

Seriously, where? I felt like Awkward McAwkwardpants standing there with my DSLR in one hand and my other just chilling like a orphan of limbs. Luckily this dress has pockets so I had an out this time, but otherwise I just settle for the unoriginal hand on hip.

I must have a face made for radio because I don’t even know what to do when it comes to the proper etiquette of facial expressions and selfies. Do I smile? Do I frown? Do I look off into the distance? Should I have plucked my eyebrows? What about my lips? I don’t have to do that God awful ducklips do I?? It’s too much stress for me.

So can we all agree, fashion blogging is not my thing, yes?!?

I must admit though I love love love this dress and I’m proud to show it off on behalf of this company. Not only are their outfits and dresses customizable but there shipping and service is golden in my book. I received this only a few short days after I ordered it but I didn’t want to show it off till the weather warmed up some. Sorry ladies but I wasn’t going to rock sleeveless and mini in the dead of winter.

In full disclosure and honesty though, I feel I must share. that the customization that I chose in getting the ‘short dress’ was a mistake on my part. I like to show a little leg and am usually a fan of the shorter dresses but with this badonk I have, it put my goodies a few centimeters away from pulling a full Britney. If you lean more on the modest side, I would definitely suggest going for the above the knee version or investing in a good pair of booty shorts.

Thanks EShakti for this opportunity and for bloggers out there who handle the fashion parts of posting much better than I ever could.

– I was given this dress in return for a review from EShakti. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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