Friday Morning

Today is Friday guys, and although many are probably singing it's praises, I'm kind of dreading it today. I'm sitting here typing away as Amaya sleeps a foot away from me in her rock n' play sleeper and I just keep glancing over at her in her peaceful slumber. It took a little fussing and fighting this morning but she finally got off mommy's chest and went down into her sleeper. You see, we've been having a rough couple of nights over here. I preface this by saying that I am damn sure other mamas are having it worse but for us, our little lady has been out of sorts which in turn is throwing us off. I have a couple concerns that I want to address with the doctor today, so we will see if we can get some answers and take it from there.

Oh, I forgot to mention....today is immunization day. (insert sad face)
My poor little bean will be getting poked and prodded and I will have to play bad mommy while they stick here. I'm such a sap, but my heart is already hurting for her. I hate to see her scream and cry and that pouty lower lip....well, strike me dead...because it kills me. Her appointment isn't till 10, but I've been up since 5 playing and tweeting on my phone and right now, a quick nap isn't in my cards so I decided to whip out my big girl camera and show a little of our Friday morning here at the Little Home.

- There is Amaya sleeping away in her rock n' play sleeper. She's starting to move around but I'm hoping she'll drift back to la-la-land so Mommy can eat a quick breakfast and do the dishes. I'd also like to mention that this girl is a swaddle escape artist. No matter what we do, she is always Incredible Hulk'n herself out of the damn swaddle so she can break an arm free. I will be investing in a couple that the girls on Twitter recommended. I'll try anything to keep her tiny little hiney asleep throughout the night.

- What do you mean your breast milk doesn't chill on top of your waffles?!? L'ego my Eggo? Umm....more like L'ego my liquid gold. I've been pumping like a beast lately to try to build up a supply to send her to daycare with at the end of March. So far I have about 120 oz. put away but we are quickly running out of room amongst all our meats and frozen veggies. If you are a breastfeeding mama and are/or will be returning back to work, how many ounces did you save up? I don't want to go overboard but homegirl eats like a champ and I want to have enough to send her with until I can figure out my pumping schedule at work. Oh, and let's not talk about me returning to work yet and having to send her to daycare. I'm already a blubbering mess. I can't think about not spending my days with her. *cue tears*

- Oh, just last nights dinnner (shrimp alfredo if you must know) and some dishes and bottles that need to be washed before we head out for the day. I don't know about you but I can't stand leaving the house with a sink full of dishes. It makes me dread coming home when I know I have housework to do. Okay, who am I kidding...I always have housework to do but I atleast like having a empty sink to come home to.

- Little notes we leave for Daddy on the fridge in the morning, along with our meal plans and sonograms. Our fridge is a catch all of my nephews artwork, vacation magnets, and sharpies to write on A's milk storage bags.

How's your Friday morning looking?!?
Hope everyone has a great weekend and I'm sure I'll be bullshitting with some of you via Twitter during the Oscars on Sunday. I must admit, awards nights are my favorite for social media. I love being a Judge-y McJudgerson with everyone else while we all (well most) watch the same show. Bryan has been warned and has made alternate plans for the evening.


Baylee said...

120 oz!?!?!?!? Holy crap!!! You go girl!!! I think I had..?? Just enough for a day!! haha! So you go mama!
I feel like everyone makes me look like such a crappy mom!!! Ole is 6months and I STILL do not get dishes done or laundry.. or cook dinner.. Joe helps me so much. And I'm home 6 out of 7 days. :/ I need to get better at this whole stay at home mom/wife thing.
So stoked for you that you have her sleeping in the sleep and play. So wish I would have stuck it out with Littles.

The Suburban H.I.T. said...

I was never able to breast feed - you go girl! And don't belittle your own problems - there is always someone who has it worse than you, but that doesn't mean when you have it bad or things are out of sorts it's any less easy on you. It's ok to complain sometimes - motherhood is tough!

The Suburban H.I.T. said...

I was never able to breast feed - you go girl! But don't belittle your own problems - there is always someone who has it worse, but that doesn't mean when things are out of sorts with your baby it's any easier on you. Motherhood is tough and it's ok to complain sometimes :). Xo