Showing Zee Love

Since it's almost the end of April, I wanted to showcase some the awesome girls I had sponsoring for the month. 
If you didn't check out these girls yet you don't know what your missing...seriously head to my sidebar and start clicking, you won't be disappointed. 

Here are some of the awesome posts my loveys shared, that I am going to pass along to you.
Sharing is caring and I love you all so here goes...

Liane shared her struggle with quit smoking along with the steps she is taking to prepare for trying for Baby 2.0. Her son James is just a squishy little love, check out her blog and her beautiful fam. 

If I was a runner, I would def. be heading out with Chrissi to participate in this awesomeness. Go ahead and try to tell me that doesn't look like a blast.  

My go to girl when I want to discuss anything RHONJ related is Samantha and here she gives the deets to her new 'favorite' housewife. Sam is also working out that fab figure and shares how her weight loss/get healthy journey is going. 

Laura is my photography love and hosts a weekly Project 365 linkup but this girl is more than just pretty pictures. This post really hit me and I'm sure to some of my more faith based friends had an impact too. I love this type of honesty and Laura is not one to shy away from sharing. 

While E is off gallivanting in Texas she has some lovely guest bloggers sharing the love on her blog. But before she hit the road, she shared her Sugary Sounds and if you're a music lover like me, you'll love this series. 

Honey B. made me almost pee in pants with this post, seriously. Pure greatness. That is all. 

Besides having such a gorgeous little girl, J blows me out of the water with her witty and hilarious posts on parenting

I may have to buy some of these for my new nephew but on the other hand I may just wait and keep all these goodies to myself. Etta runs not only a fabulous blog but also sews up some of those cutest goodies for the babies as well for her Etsy shop

Becky keeps us on our toes and let's us know all the latest BART happenings as well as share some tips along her weight loss journey. She is a rocking this get healthy train. 

Krystal touched my love of music with this post and also makes me miss Florida every single time she hits the beach or the water. Be still my Sunshine State loving heart. 

My girl Sarah is on somewhat of a hiatus but go back through her blog and check out some of the awesome refurbishing she did to her home. 

Go and wish Whitney a Happy Belated Birthday and see the 26 things she learned in her 26 years of living. She also has an awesome 101 list that will blow you out of the water.  

I can thank these girls enough for sharing the love with LWLH and I hope to keep working with many of them in the future. 

I will be updating my sponsor page over the next couple of weeks so I will not be taking paid sponsors for the month of May, but if you are interested in swapping buttons with me, please contact me at:
So we can work something out. : ) 


Whitney @ Everything Happens For a Reason said...

Thanks for the love girl :)

I still wanna sponsor for May!

Cheerful Homemaker said...

Thanks for the shout-out, love!

J said...

Aww, thanks for the compliments and the shout out, m'dear! And I'm definitely wanting to stay on for May!

Laura said...

I adore you. Thank you.

Samantha said...

Thanks yo!