Banking on Laziness...

Most of you may not know this, because I photograph so nicely & I choose to take boobies and above shots, but I have creeped into being somewhat overweight.

Now I'm not huge or busting at the seams but I have begin to notice the "muffintop" popping over my jeans a little bit more and my shirts hugging me a little too tight. Because I'm short 5'3 1/2" (and yes I count the half because it matters :) ) it is easier to notice when I put weight on.

Unlike my older sister and Big Man's freakishly fast metabolism, my slow ass metabolism let's me know..."Hey you..yeah that Snickers was good huh..mmm...now I'm stick on your thighs for the next 5 months!" Mother-effer!

I digress...

My point being is that I can't eat like those freaks of nature. I have to watch what I eat, when I eat it...etc. Now with me trying to lose weight, I've begun to try to eat "healthier" food and have come across those 100 calorie snack packs


I obviously love the Chips Ahoy! bars and the Miss Salty's chocolate covered pretzels are to die for but is this stuff truly healthy? I don't think so.

They pretty much just bag up smaller portions of things we love (c'mon they came out with 100 calorie twinkie!), slap the label and an expensive price on them, and ship em' off for all of us fatties to eat.

Now I'm not coming down on these snacks or anyone who eats them...I love them and probably [definitley] will continue to eat them...but couldn't we just do the hard work ourselves and eat smaller portions then go out and pay $5 dollars for 6 granola bars??

Times are hard..I need to save my moo-lah $$$!!!

What do you guys think?? ...I could be wrong.


Jessica said...

I agree! I love those snacks but do they seriously need to be so expensive! And your right, most of them are just a smaller portion of the normal kind. The reason that I actually pay more money for them sometimes is because im bad at limiting myself with the real stuff.

PoisonIvy068 said...

me too..thats why i get them

jamie said...

I like those snacks, too. All healthy food is more expensive which is the pits. I agree with Jessica--I am bad at limiting, too. So sometimes, you just have to. Even though it sucks.

The Alleged Ringleader said...

I LOVE the 100 calorie snack packs and ESPECIALLY the choc covered pretzels and the cheese nips!
Sometimes those snacks are life saving when you're on a diet!

A Texas Gal said...

I am not good at limiting my food intake so I think if you know you aren't good at something maybe have it done for you?
Although I have now been buying a TON of fruit and just cutting it up right when I get home- it seems to work- I eat it all up because I don't want it to go bad!

Sassy Pants said...

I got you something!

Geri said...

I prefer fruit or nuts as snacks. I think they're better for you and, for instance, fruit, you can actually eat more for the same amount of calories.