'Merica Baby

Can I tell you the truth and tell you that the whole 'Merica thing kinda irks me? Bryan has shirts that say it and I catch myself letting it slip from time to time but whenever I hear someone using it like it's an actual proper word, I want to stab myself in the eardrum with a pencil. One would think you'd only use that slang in a joking manner but you'd be surprised when you live in the sticks and people actually do talk like that.

Enough about my rant though, my original intention for this post was to share how are Fourth of July festivities went. I'm feeling pretty accomplished with getting a few posts up this week so I want to keep the ball going and today is a throwback to our last passing holiday. We had a pretty low key Fourth this year and while B had a boys night, Amaya and I went with my sister and nephews to see fireworks. I wish B got more into the holiday spirit but his motto is pretty much that once you saw them once, you saw them all. He doesn't get the rush of the holidays like me and my sister so to each their own. In true Amaya fashion this year, baby girl fell asleep during the fireworks again so it's not like he even missed her reaction. I am in no rush for the months or years to fly by but I look forward to next year in hopes that she'll stay up and enjoy them then and we can do sparklers and poppers. I know she'll still be an itty bitty and will only be a year and half but I honestly can't wait to be the mom to fix festive holiday breakfasts and to start traditions that she'll remember years down the road.

She's my little love muffin now and while she can barely protest, I will dress her up and have mini holiday photo shoots before she begins to whine....'No more pictures Mom....not again' and that is exactly what I did. I scored the tutu and headband at a yard sale a month ago and it has been the best $5 I've spent in a long time...

My little patriotic princess.
If that doesn't scream America, the beautiful....I don't know what will ; )


Oh, Sweet Summertime

Summer seems to be flying by this year and I can't wrap my head around the fact that we are halfway through July already. How are we halfway through the year already? How is my little bean already six months? I'm usually one who gets over summer quickly and longs for the cool crisp days of fall but having Amaya here makes me want to freeze time and soak up each and every moment of her ever changing days. It seems like just yesterday she was an itty bitty newborn giving me chest snuggles whenever I pleased and now she is a active baby sitting up by herself and wanting to jump and bounce all over the house.

I just rounded out my 2 week vacation (summer shutdown) from work and as you read this today, I will be sitting in a 5 hour 'safety college' boring myself to death and wishing that I was still soaking up all the summertime fun without having to worry about a 40 hour work week.

There was lots of summer walks...

There was visits to campsites to visit my sister and roast s'mores...

And lastly, company picnics at the amusement park...

Father Time, feel free to slow down at anytime.
I'm not in any rush to end the nights out on the patio or pool days in the warm summer sun.

Hope everyone is having a great summer!!!
Anybody doing anything excited this summer?!?


Daddy's Girl

I like to think that I'm my daughters favorite, considering I gave her life and you know, give her nutrition on a daily basis but sadly that is not true. It seems as though my daughter has chosen her favorite and she is pretty damn smitten with her Daddy. I don't blame her, I'm pretty fond of him too....but c'mon kid...throw your ol' mama a bone.

This may be late in recapping but since I had a couple weeks off from work, I wanted to get a couple posts up to get these moments captured and remembered here on the old dusty blog of mine.

Since Bryan spoiled me rotten on my first Mother's Day with a french toast breakfast, a pedi, and a mommy's day out...I wanted to make his day just as special. I'm not a crafty mama by any means but I made him a man bouquet (you can check it out on my IG: @lwlh) and decided I wanted to make a little picture keepsake to show B how much Amaya loves her Daddy.

I bought these cute glittery foam letters at Wally World and grabbed Amaya and her polka dot chair and headed out on our patio to catch a couple of pictures. These were just a few of the dozens that I took but I just love her little expressions in each of them. She is so much more expressive these days and I just eat her up.

She's pretty cool with me having my camera in her face all the time but a little one can only take so much and this mama even caught a few of these gems.

She was O-V-E-R it.
That little side lipped cry face is how she got nicknamed Rocky. If you ever seen the Rocky movies where he's yelling 'Adrienne!!', you'll understand. Crying face and all she's still a cutie and after Bryan saw these, homegirl has her Daddy wrapped her tiny finger even tighter now.


Memorial Day

I've always been one to celebrate holidays and decorate my house to celebrate each passing holiday but now that I have a little bambino of my own, I want to celebrate the holidays even more than I already did. As I mentioned in a previous post, Amaya was born on the last day of the year last year...December 31st, so literally right from the first day of the year, everything has been a new beginning and new first for her. I always thought I'd be the mom with self control and who wouldn't go crazy and spoil their child but I'm here to raise my hand and admit my guilt that, I give this girl whatever she pleases (or whatever Mommy thinks she needs) and holidays have been no exception.

So what if I bought her 3 different patriotic themed outfits with matching hair accessories so far...
I justify my purchases to myself (and to B haha) that she can also use said outfits for upcoming holidays such as Flag Day and the Fourth of July. BOOM!!!

But yes, homegirl was rocking her first patriotic outfit this Memorial Day to honor those who served and dedicated their lives to our freedoms. We went down to visit my sister since my nephew was walking in a few parades and of course I had to go support my handsome godson.

This is my nephew Jameson nom-ing on his puffs and my sassy sister Tara who had a little 'photo shoot' while I had my camera out. She's ridiculous and I love her.  

Now onto the parade. 

It was a fun parade even though it was hot as hell out.
When Amaya and I went home that night we even had a little photo shoot. I can't take the cuteness that is a baby in festive holiday outfits. Ooooh this girl is in trouble for Halloween and Christmas.

I just want to eat her up. 
I know it's probably getting old how much I profess my love and adoration from my child but she's the absolute cutest. Those curls, those eyes, that nose, those lips.....I just kiss her apart on a daily basis. I'm lucky to be an American and to be this girls momma.